Amma Ansah

Amma is a Brief Psychotherapist whose main practice and focus is in Mind Body Therapy.

During the current crises Amma can offer telephone consultations offering Brief Therapy and some aspects of Psycho-neuro-immunology.

Brief Therapy aims to find and implement a solution to the problem or problems as soon as possible to minimize time spent in therapy and more importantly time spent struggling or suffering.

Clinicl PNI, being therapy based on the understanding that the psyche, neurology and immune systems are interrelated in the production of symptoms and therefore in their resolution.

What this means is that she sensitively considers you as a whole being; all of your expressions, including your thoughts and emotions, are considered as vital in their influence on your wellness. She also considers your environment and your perceptions of it as important in their effect on your well-being.

Together, with the offering of modern dynamic approaches, her aim is to activate fast acting and lasting changes that bring you inner peace and desirable shifts in established patterns of suffering within your psyche.

With innovative practices and powerful techniques, you can utilize your mind-body connection to facilitate healing and restore inner balance. Each of these approaches allows you to re-identify and connect with the natural flow of well-being and harmony; thus creating a full and healthy expression and integration of your physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Amma is a fully qualified Hypno-Psychotherapist who has a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Social Psychology from the University of London (L.S.E.) and a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy from The National School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.
She also a member of the Cambridge Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists

Her academic emphasis finds its main source in two areas:

The first is in the work of acclaimed psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson, whose therapeutic language style contributed, in the main, to the formation of the much embraced tool bag of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Erickson believed that each individual has the unconscious resource to overcome challenges and resolve any problems in their own unique way. He believed that we all have the potential to work perfectly; to create an absorbing, constructive and satisfying future.
The second source is in the extraordinary work of brilliant scientist and therapist, Ernest L. Rossi who is one of the most innovative, sensitive and creative pioneers in the field of Mind Body therapy and the use of Hypnosis in ideodynamic healing. Over time, he has provided an encompassing framework for healing that brings together the latest advances in Neurobiology, the new higher order scientific discipline of Psychoneuroimmunology and Hypnosis.

These emphases bring integrative medicine approaches back to their natural seat in effective therapy and healing.

Amma Ansah. smaller amma1My qualifications are descriptive of what I have achieved academically, but I am best described as sensitive, compassionate and deeply fascinated with how we, as humans, can positively adapt in a constantly changing and dynamic universe.

Mind-Body Techniques I Offer Are As Follows:

Hypno-Psychotherapy – The therapeutic use of suggestions and imagery on the specific sense of an individual’s subconscious, to bring about profound and lasting changes.
There is no longer any doubt that psychotherapy can result in detectable changes in the brain’ – Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel.
There is a special emphasis on the works of Ernest Rossi, the internationally renowned therapist, teacher and pioneer in the psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing, David B. Cheek and NLP.

Brief Ericksonian Therapy – This is an innovative and highly effective approach to therapy, which distinguishes itself from other therapies. It does this, not only by the length of time it aims to effect therapy, but also through the use of special techniques and approaches used by the acclaimed Psychiatrist, Milton H Erickson, that readily prompt solutions. Many of these techniques may also be found in the practice and art of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Meditation Training - Meditation is the intentional process of observing the body and mind and allowing your experience to unfold from moment to moment, accepting them as they are, without judgment, rejection, suppression or control. The only training is in focus and direction of attention.
There are many different meditation techniques that have been developed over the centuries with remarkable Mind Body benefits.

An emphasis is made on Herbert Benson, a cardiologist and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical school and his Relaxation Response, Jon Kabat-Zinn and his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Dean Ornish and his Opening your Heart Program and the work of the HeartMath Institute.

Guided Imagery- This is a powerful technique that utilizes the mind’s natural ability to influence all aspects of the being, with direction and purpose. In this technique, I gently harness the imagination in ways that prompt natural changes within the mind and the body.
I am enough of an artist to draw freely of my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world
Albert Einstein
Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions
Albert Einstein

Breathing Techniques – This is the use of breathing to profoundly impact on physical and emotional health; from controlling stress, to improving mental focus, ability and creativity. Breathing may also be used to enhance other therapeutic techniques.

Reiki – A hands on technique that accesses the universe’s limitless source of energy to replenish and restore the individuals own Ki. This results in healing balance and rejuvenation.

These revolutionary approaches can help to resolve problems such as:

Stress and anxiety
Relaxation difficulties
Sleeping problems
Relationship problems
Mental and emotional Trauma
Loss and bereavement
Exam nerves
Concentration and study problems
Lack of confidence
Physical pain
Speech difficulties
Preparation for Surgery

I would like to emphasise that whatever we discuss is treated with the highest level of confidentiality

It is important to stress that none of these techniques and approaches are a substitute for orthodox medical care for people with medical problems.
Patients who are undergoing medical treatments should remain in the care of their physicians whilst undergoing any of these approaches.
These therapies may play important adjunctive roles to conventional treatment approaches but should you have a physical problem, please consult your doctor first, in case medical attention is necessary.


Brief Psychotherapy:

Definition from Wikipedia:
Brief Psychotherapy or Brief Therapy is an umbrella term for a variety of approaches to psychotherapy. It differs from other schools of therapy in that it emphasizes (1) a focus on a specific problem and (2) direct intervention. In brief therapy, the therapist takes responsibility for working more pro-actively with the client in order to treat clinical and subjective conditions faster. It also emphasizes precise observation, utilization of natural resources, and temporary suspension of disbelief to consider new perspectives and multiple viewpoints.
Rather than the formal analysis of historical causes of distress, the primary approach of brief therapy is to help the client to view the present from a wider context and to utilize more functional understandings (not necessarily at a conscious level). By becoming aware of these new understandings, successful clients will de facto undergo spontaneous and generative change.
Brief therapy is often highly strategic, exploratory, and solution-based rather than problem-oriented. It is less concerned with how a problem arose than with the current factors sustaining it and preventing change. Brief therapists do not adhere to one "correct" approach, but rather accept that there being many paths, any of which may or may not in combination turn out to be ultimately beneficial.

Mind Body Medicine:

Mind Body Medicine approaches and therapies are ones that uphold the belief that the mind and the body are inseparable and that as beings, we have the ability to affect our own outcome. It also upholds the notion that we are a part of a dynamic, natural order and intelligence that cannot be separated from our wellbeing.
These approaches use a variety of techniques designed to enhance the mind's capacity to affect bodily function and symptoms.
In western culture, since Descartes, the paradigm by default is that the mind and the body are separate and as scientific methods arose from reductionism and materialism, this tendency increased.
The new idea of Mind Body Medicine is that whatever experience you have is influencing your whole system and that the mind and the body were never separate to begin with.


Psychoneuroimmunology is a higher order scientific discipline that has emerged from old reductionist approaches that have kept bodily systems and their components separate in order to make sense of how they work, but fall short of bringing light to how the systems operate in their natural context.
This term was first employed by Ader in1980 to capture what has become growing evidence of the intercommunication between the brain and the immune system.
It is a science that makes sense of how the brain and mind through their processes, affect the immune system and also the endocrine system and also how the immune system in turn, affects the brain and the mind.
This science finally begins to address the much needed integration that is necessary in understanding health. In a sense, early ideas dating back to ancient times about the fundamental unity of the organism and the notion that health rests on proper balance, is at last reasserted.

No longer can we hold the view that our biology is simply physical and separated from our psyches, for it holds within it, keys for all aspects of our being: mind, body and spirit. And no longer can we believe that our beliefs and perceptions are separate from our biology – they shape us and our world

Pricing: Each session is approximately an hour long and costs 50.
10% discounts are given for advance payments starting from 4 sessions



In just a few weeks, Amma has made a huge difference to my life by helping me to develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult situations. My sessions with her left me feeling completely relaxed and confident that I would be able to tackle each hurdle with ease. In fact, I was able to do this and so much even more before my final session.

I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use Amma again or to recommend her to friends and family.


I was put in touch with Amma when seeking treatment and help for ongoing anxiety, depression and emotional issues. I had previously visited a conventional therapist, an experience I found awkward and unrewarding. At a particularly low point, I tried anti-depressants and although I realise these are very effective for some, I felt they exacerbated my condition and made me feel unwell. As soon as I met Amma, I felt a sense of comfort and safety in her presence and was able to talk to her openly without fear of judgment. Reiki was the first treatment I had with Amma, which I found incredibly soothing and it helped me to find sense of calmness and relief. I continued treatment with Amma and her unique approach of combining various forms of therapy, including psychotherapy and hypnotherapy was extremely effective for me. I felt that she had a unique approach to me as an individual and took the time to understand my particular needs at that time. I really believe that it was a gift for me to meet Amma at that point in my life and it definitely changed me for better as a person. Even now, I refer back to the methods she has taught me for coping with things on my own. Amma is a rare and beautifully gifted healer, whose unique strength is her ability to feel a great deal of compassion and empathy for others. I cannot recommend her abilities as a therapist enough and I believe she has helped many others turn their life around, even when things seemed hopeless.


I first came to Amma with a number of anxiety and emotional difficulties and severe depression. I had seen other therapists before with little to no success and was at my absolute lowest.

With a combination of counseling, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and a good dose of common sense and understanding Amma was able to help me find the best way forward and within a surprisingly short amount of time Amma has shown me how to completely turn my life around and make significant changes for the better.

I am so much happier, more fulfilled and now my life has direction. I can't thank Amma enough.

Sean, North London

I came to see Amma because of a number of emotional difficulties which were manifesting themselves most directly as bulimia and self-harm. Working together using different techniques helped me to understand these problems and the patterns of thought and behaviour underlying them - and to begin to change them. Most of all, the work has helped me to find a new perspective towards the situations that I found myself in and towards my feelings.
Now it is a long time since I have done anything to hurt myself in either way and I feel happier and able to cope more easily with situations that I would previously have found very difficult. Working with Amma has also given me techniques and tools that I can use myself and which I continue to use to understand my reactions, my emotions and to become more peaceful, calm and loving.

Miss X

I feel a deep sense of grace and gratitude for the point at which Amma came into my life. I had been suffering for many years with a deep from of depression that seemed to be very difficult for the inordinate number of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts that I had seen to diagnose. Amma’s approach was very different. Immediately upon meeting with her I felt a sense of ease and calmness about her presence which I feel in itself was part of the healing process for me. Just to be accepted no matter what my past history was about, allowed me to understand I could be what I was without feeling judged in the present moment. I was expecting to be hypnotized by a watch welding analyst, but Amma’s way is not like this. I began to understand the process of hypnosis was not necessarily about going to have my fears “switched off” in some deep dramatic trance, but rather Amma’s understanding and natural intuitive sense, or simply loving kindness, lead to a sense of calmness and clarity which was in itself akin to a hypnotic induction.
Also Amma’s understanding of both the emotional roots and physical symptoms of illness allows me better to understand my body in terms that are not “airy-fairy” but are part of the now scientifically recognized field of mind-body medicine. I had been suffering for most of my life and I have to say that the effect Amma has had is profound. I am able to experience things without a deep self-judgment, with less anxiety and more freedom of expression. I can laugh again, feel me open to the relationships I have and am beginning to set a course in life which for the first time is what suits me not what I should, could or might be. I will continue to suggest people come to Amma for therapy and healing in its truest sense which I am told means realizing “wholeness”. Thank you so much Amma.

I. B. Aylesbury, UK

I had been on a personal quest for many years before I was introduced to Amma.
Until then none of the conventional or alternative healing and lifestyle solutions I had tried had enabled me to change my perception of a life of disappointing, recurring and often distressing events.

Amma had the ability and the presence to put my troubled soul at immediate ease and allow a sense of acceptance, well being, connectedness, presence and love, to enter life’s journey. With her expansive understanding of her subject, Amma shared with me options for personal change in my feelings and behaviours both at spiritual and practical psychological levels while giving me a safe and warm space to reveal and release my long standing worries. Her techniques were simple to understand yet profound and effective and for the first time made clear and connected sense to me.
She also showed how the concepts and practices I had already encountered could combine with new healing thoughts to arrive at a more present and joyful experience of life.

I would thoroughly recommend Amma as a therapist and teacher.


I first visited Amma for help in learning meditation and visualisation techniques to relax and reduce cholesterol levels rather than take prescribed medication. In conjunction with an improved diet and regular visualisation my cholesterol levels have dropped enough for my GP to have agreed that I need not take Statins.
Also I have noticed a profound change with recent relaxation meditations. The calmness and general feeling of well being are longer lasting and deeper levels of meditation have become easier to achieve.
Thank you for your help I should be delighted to recommend you to anyone requiring the sort of specialist help you offer.


I have always been a worrier, brought on by many different events in my life….

Lately, I have been very stressed and depressed and also going through a few medical issues, most autoimmune related. As we all know, the effects of stress on the body can have far reaching effects on each and every system of the body, and no doubt this is affecting me.
Amma has taught me about the role of the stress response in autoimmune disease and how understanding the cross-talk between the brain and the immune system can help us structure our lives to help us heal.

Under her guidance with therapy and meditation, I feel much happier and better, with the anxieties and worries that usually fill my mind silenced. By practicing my meditations each morning, I have a good start to my day.

She has taught me to believe that my immune system is influenced somewhat by the thoughts I think and that just by focusing on healing my body, and asking my mind to create a healthy balance, I may affect my overall health!

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have ever met her. Her caring and selfless nature is the real boost to her success. She has made me understand “the whole picture” and put things into perspective.

Thank you Amma….. for being there for me and for your valuable guidance.


I came to Amma for therapy a couple of years ago, as I was going through a crisis in my life with the break-up of my marriage. From the very start, I felt that I could easily open up to her, and begin to look at the whole situation from a different perspective. She has helped me to regain self-confidence and start to let go of behaviour that was not helping me. Since seeing her there have been big positive changes in my life. She used various approaches, all of which reinforced the healing and positive outlook. Amma is passionate about her work, and has a mastery of the skills she has acquired through her extensive practice. She is sensitive, warm and inspiring.

Christine N

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